Thesis Topics For IT Students

Information Technology, IT, plays an extensive role in business. Consequently, it creates a wide range of opportunities in various industries for IT professionals. These specialists can build, install, repair, or maintain software and hardware for computer systems. They can also design internet applications, websites, communication networks, and more.

IT professionals are in high demand in almost all the job markets. However, obtaining a degree in information technology is among the prerequisite for such job opportunities. Research can help you to master your field of study. Favorably, your supervisor may present a problem for you to study and write your thesis.

Conversely, you have to search for topics related to your area of study. Then, how to find a great topic for your thesis may become. Fortunately, the list below provides some thesis topics on various IT majors for your custom term paper.

Thesis topics for computer forensic

  1. Suspect profiling obtained from digital evidence and its admissibility within the legal system.
  2. Malware detection using data mining method and machine learning.
  3. Can the detection of hidden digital messages help solve cyber crimes?
  4. Are the IT systems used by the government vulnerable to security breaches?

Thesis topics for computer science

  1. Creation of software that can use a webcam to read human emotions.
  2. The use of AI systems to create believable emotions for eCommerce.
  3. Is face recognition an effective security measure?
  4. Any negative results of curbing software piracy? (use developing countries as a case study)
  5. ERP system integration with cloud service.

Thesis topics for information assurance

  1. Do full-text databases have any impact on the search engine, Google?
  2. Analyzing redundancy and fault-recovery in the current 4G mobile networks.
  3. Analyze the effects of e-publishing on libraries.
  4. Safe internet for kids: analyzing the effect of media technology on the development of children throughout the schooling period.

Thesis topics for graphics and multimedia

  1. Do multimedia distribution platforms and YouTube have any future?
  2. Is quick multimedia delivery as well as playback possible with BitTorrent systems?

Thesis topics for game design and development

  1. Use OpenGL to build a contemporary Tetris game in C#.
  2. Identify the challenges associated with the development of educational games.

Your supervisor has to approve your topic before you can proceed with your research and write a paper on it. You need to find a great thesis topic that will impress not only your supervisor but also the evaluation committee. A recent IT-related topic can earn you a bonus point, but it must be helpful and interesting.

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