20 amazing ideas for creating dissertation topics on finance

Choosing a subject for your finance dissertation can be overwhelming. Your thesis is going to be your greatest educational challenge, and one that can make or break your final grade. Depending on whether you are studying at graduate, masters or PHD level, you will spend either months or years researching and writing your dissertation. Therefore it is essential that you select something that is not only interesting but also one that you are knowledgeable about. Here are some topic suggestions to get dissertation helps that you can base your research on.

  • How is micro finance affecting the banking industry?
  • How is micro finance affecting economic progress in developing countries?
  • The importance of credit availability when making investment decisions.
  • An empirical study of lower class access to financial services.
  • A comparative study of financial innovation in Asia and Europe.
  • A strategic analysis of collective investment schemes in the United States.
  • A study of the financial services made available to rural populations.
  • A study of commercial banking and how it has evolved over the last ten years.
  • How do investors perceive investing in emerging markets.
  • Analysing the stock market in emerging markets.
  • How efficient is the market in emerging markets?
  • A study of private equity investments in Europe.
  • A study of index and mutual funds.
  • Analyzing the future of private equity investment.
  • How has internet banking affected the banking industry?
  • A study of the retirement plans available through local banks.
  • A comparative study of risk management and foreign exchange.
  • A discussion of gender bias in the finance industry.
  • A study of credit availability in corporate finance prior to the global crisis.
  • How has the international monetary fund responded to the global crisis?

You can add or take away from this list of suggestions. Once you have decided what topic you are going to write about, it is essential that you discuss it with your supervisor. They will be able to provide you with more advice and insight into the topic that you have chosen. As well as direct you to study and research material that will be most effective whilst writing your dissertation.